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Airén in decline

What is the most common grape variety in the world? Depending on how that question is interpreted one of the answers that should come your way is Airén, Spain’s most planted, but still obscure, grape. More accurately it is the … Continue reading

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Bergerac and Bordeaux, 2012 summer holiday

On Saturday 7th July 2012 we touched down at Limoges airport in France with a group of (almost) complete strangers to begin a wine themed tour of Bergerac and Bordeaux organised by local company AdVintage Wine Services, run by Suzanne Locke … Continue reading

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Wine & Pies?

Wine and Pies may not seem to be the most obvious of bedfellows, the latter more associated with a beer or mug of tea, but as the pies in question are self-styled gourmet pies then why not trade up on … Continue reading

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