A Wine Festival for 2011!

The region has a wine festival for 2011, but it’s not the one we expected!

After the success of the 2010 North East Wine Festival in Corbridge over a sunny June weekend I know there was a strong intention to carry the momentum through to 2011 with the same event planned for June. As far as I can tell a combination of factors, including an illness, meant that this was first postponed until August, and then ultimately cancelled. It seems though that as the flames finally died on the 2011 NEWF another festival has arisen from the ashes, the 2011 Northumbria Food and Wine Festival.


Details are sketchy at the moment, the website only seems to have gone live yesterday and there are few details other than Fasol Menin, Barn Asia and The Feathers Inn will be participating. I was at a wine tasting last night where one local retailer had just heard the same news and was trying to find out how to put their name down!

All I can get from the grapevine is that it is to be held on the 7th, 8th & 9th October (let’s pray for an Indian Summer!) at Corbridge (I’m guessing the Rugby Club again) and that The Feathers Inn has more than a passing involvement. For those on twitter keep checking out @nfoodandwine (Stuart Colmer) and  @TheFeathersInn (Helen Greer) – oh, and me, @NorthEastWino!

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