Tonight’s Tipple – Aussie Riesling

Tim Adams Riesling

After a couple of disappointing whites recently a mid-week wine was called for that could be relied on to deliver, and Tim Adam’s 2006 Clare Valley Riesling proved up the the task.

This wine was bought for £9.99 in May 2010 from Tesco, a supermarket I infrequently patronise but when I do it invariably results in bottle from Tim Adam’s range making its way into the shopping trolley, his Fergus Grenache is another I have multiple bottles & vintages of.

The wine has a full aroma; fresh, clean and tartly citric, with a dash of petrochemical which I love on a Riesling with a little bottle age. The taste continues the zesty citrus theme, it’s very dry with an underlying bitterness throughout and a hint of residual sugar barely offseting the razor sharp acidity. The flavours are complex, a mix of petrol and citrus which, for £10, is a joy to taste on a weekday night!

Clare Valley in South Australia is by far Australia’s best area for Riesling, and Tim Adams is a great introduction to quality Australian wines – almost worth a visit to Tesco for!

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